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Scottsdale Waterfront
Scottsdale WaterfrontTuesday, March 21st, 2017 at 10:42am

If you haven't yet tried one of P.F. Chang's delicious chopped salads, now is your chance!

Get a free salad with purchase of an entree now through March 22nd.

Click link in original post for redemption details.

Kary O'Hair We had the Mandarin Crunch salad today and it was great!
Anthony Cozzone I recently had lunch with 3 others and took advantage of this offer. Had no problems with getting it. I ordered the one pictured in this Facebook post. I had multiple problems. It took 30 minutes or more to get our meals which I complained about to the waitress. Her comment to me was Corporate cut back on staffing and that was the reason for the delay. Complained to manager and he just said sorry. The rice noodles were completely undercooked. I was running short on time so didn't want to complain anymore, just wanted to get out. I complained on the survey I completed online later in the day, but now a week later and I have not heard anything back from P.F. Chang.
Gaye LaFoe We bought several appetizers and entrees and never once was offered these salads nor did I receive my birthday dessert there were four of us and my husband paid since our kids were home.
Lynne Etheridge Was there for lunch today! I saw others ordering and it looked delish! Wish our waiter would have mentioned the offer!! Love PF Changs🎎
Tanisha Presley-Hobohm What salad is in the picture!? That looks so yum! #lunchtomorrow
Rosalie van Putten You say the offer expires on 3/22, but the website says 3/29. Which day does it expire? I was planning to go next week!
Adriana Alvarez Collins Does this include purchasing something from the lunch specials menu?
Diane Benner The salads sound a look delicious. Could they be transformed into a gluten free option? Thanks!
Anne McDonald Seeing that it is the 23rd it was a little bit late to post.
Minal Patel Don't waist your time Just had mandarin salad at pf Chang in white marsh it was really bad🤦🏻‍♀️
Deb Grif Gee, first time I am seeing this. Wish I had known earlier, we might have gone. By the way, any chance PF Chang's will come out with a line of light food?
Janie Gail Bayless Richards Would have loved to had this tonight with my entree. I ask them about any special offers, the girl said none..
Susan Brunick What happened to you guys? I remember your orange peel shrimp was like crack. Now it's bland and "vanilla." Sad and unoriginal.
Patrica Hunt Beware it's a trick only comes with Dinner Entree ( in small print) and costs a whooping 9.50. Shame on them , advised after they looked @ my phone x 3 and waitress was unaware. Would have debated with manager but person paying waived it off. Don't get ensnared by this add!!!
Susan Goldsbury Do you have anything for someone who doesn't like Chinese? A group of us are coming and one doesn't like Chinese food.
Janet Hughes-Winje A little late in letting us know of this deal!
Gi'Anna D. Cheairs The link says the offer is valid until 3/29.
Rise Schiffman Wells We need a P.F. Changes in Port Charlotte!!
Samuel Montague Free with purchase of what? A salad?
Roberta Cohen Bernstein Can you use with a free entree???
Jackie Bess Lekas Please come to Charleston WV!
EatDrinkDeals This ends 3/29 according to your web page.
Katerina Oneha Is this valid in Hawaii?
Anna Garcia Where r you located @
Dot Bowden Whats the Name of that salad??
Scottsdale Waterfront
Scottsdale WaterfrontThursday, March 16th, 2017 at 6:16am

A proper start to your St. Patty's Day festivities!
VOM FASS Scottsdale is hosting an Irish Whiskey tasting party this Friday, March 17th at 6:30pm.
See original post for full details.

Scottsdale Waterfront
Scottsdale WaterfrontWednesday, March 15th, 2017 at 5:10am

Does this early spring heatwave have you craving something cool?

How about free ice cream from Creamistry AZ?

See original post for entry details ... may the odds be ever in your favor!

Scottsdale Waterfront
Scottsdale WaterfrontFriday, March 3rd, 2017 at 5:02am

Are you ready for bikini season? We didn't think so 🙂

Diane's Beachwear is here to help! Check out their pre-Spring Break shopping event at Scottsdale Waterfront this Friday and Saturday for the latest and hottest swim trends. Free giveaways and complimentary...

Scottsdale Waterfront
Scottsdale WaterfrontTuesday, February 28th, 2017 at 11:23am

Zoës Kitchen is surprising a few lucky fans with a free lunch date! See original post for details - good luck!

Patricia Siqueira My adorable friend Luciana Cerqueira. We don't get to see each other much! I missing my friend and I'd like to enjoy healthy food and conversation.
Lori Homerstad Katie Cox and I have been friends since the 4th grade. She is a teacher and it is hard for us to find time for each other. (I am a mommy of 3 girls) Would love to have lunch and catch up! She is truely amazing
Denise Rasberry My dear friend Darlene Frazier Armbrister would be who I choose. It's been way too long since us ladies have have a nice lunch together. Wouldn't we be blessed if Zoe's chose us for the two free entree winners?
Kayce Mitchell Michelle Paige ! I would love to catch up over some delicious lunch and I could finally introduce you to Zoës !! This young woman is a hard working mom to a daughter that will be here in May ! I would love to win this so we could just sit outside at Zoës and plan a baby shower over a great lunch 😍
Lisa Kelley Tracy I love Zoes! I would love to take my daughter and aunt. We almost never get to see each other together now, but used to see each other weekly. Would love to catch up over some healthy and delicious food. Shelby V Painter and Linda Kelley
Jennifer Teske I would like to have Lunch with my best friend, Shera Shaker. We don't get to see each other much. So, winning two free entrees would allow us to enjoy great food and conversation. 🙂
Sarah Evans I would love to take my daughters Amy Nelson and Summer Nelson for lunch and we will be sharing your awesome so yummy humus and pita with your yummy Greek salad dressing with steak kabobs!!!
Josh Borders In the busy work weeks, the days fly by and I don't always get to spend as much time with my wife Emily Borders. Would love to catch up with the week with a delicious free meal at Zoёs Kitchen!
Ashley Melisse Summerlin I'd love to go to lunch with Sydney Erin! We have both been really busy with school but I miss her and we need a girls date! It would be awesome to win lunch for free 🙂
Laurie Mitchell Baker My best girlfriend, Melissa Ellis and I live 12 hours apart. 😩 we really need to catch up over our favorite Mediterranean food at Zoës!!!!❤️
Carol Stuber Schierbaum My daughter. Mother of 3 little ones. A teacher, wife, mother, daughter and a heart of gold. We love Zoe's and try to meet there as it is close to her home. She just had a 35th wedding anniversary surprise party at her home for us. To thank her I would like to take her to her favorite place to meet and eat! Kristin Milewski
Paul Szendrey My special friend is my lovely wife, Barbara. It's not often that I can convince her to go out for a meal. However, I know that if I say Zoës that she will agree to go out. I do enjoy seeing her smile and enjoy the meal she gets at Zoës. We're celebrating 20 years since our first date soon and every date is still such a special occasion.
Marnie Greenberg Benjamin I would love to catch up with my husband, Nim Benjamin. Our lives are wonderful, but so crazy busy that we never have any time for one another. On any given night, we have one or two little ones flipped across us in bed. Everything is rush, rush. After 8 1/2 years of marriage, we have two adorable children who keep us (older parents) on our toes.
Cecille Rodriguez Would love to catch up on LIFE with Pamela Kaleel. We live in the same city but between our busy lives and schedules , we don't see each other as often as we used to. Also, she's the first one to rave about Zoёs Kitchen to me before they came to Orlando! So it seems only fitting 💕👭
Lisa Dunson would love to catch up with Krista Bernal way overdue. We both work in different practices of the medical field, and hardly ever have time. But with some amazing free Zoes food, we definitely would have to make time!!😜 and a movie too!!!
Britni Wilson Lane Griffith and Abriana Earnhardt to go together ( and I can meet them or something ).. I am 34 weeks 🤰🏻 ... We went into the hospital 2 nights ago for something we thought would be a hour maybe 2 or 3.. 🤦🏻‍♀️ we just left .. Yes .. Baby needed to be monitored for a few days.. Well this girl wasn't expecting to stay.. And either were they.. lol.. Well u can say I wasn't the easiest patient and wasn't nice at times.. So I would love to give it to them.. They're both always their for me I would like to show it back to them..
Heather White Brandi Crozier - it's our fav place! Brandi and I met last fall, and both immediately knew we'd be great friends! She is one of those people who is there to vent to and laugh with (lots of laughing!) We ate at a Zoe's shortly after we met -- no better way to bond than over a hummus trio. We'd love to win a free meal at our fav place to eat together!
Stephanie Heard My best friend, Susan Carter and I use to be able to go out and eat. Lately we have only been able to text or call to check up on eachother. It really would be nice to have lunch with her at Zoes and catch up with what is really going on in each other's life.
Kimberly Davis Fowler I would love to have lunch with Paula Flowers has been a while and she is a 2 time breast cancer survivor. I was her chemo buddy for first round and then we adopted and catching up now is hard to it would be nice!!! 😁😁
Alayna Richerson My best friend Chelsea Shields and I have been planning (and putting off) a date to Zoes for some time! Our other close friend isnt a fan so it could be our special place. Love the hummus, cookies, limeade, and those steak kabobs!
Melissa Lynn Teresa Sexton Porter we need to get our Mediterranean on! Thank you for the impact you have made in my life. You are a true friend. I hold you in high regard!
Marian Haddad I'd love to share this with Sally Anderson who has been taking care of me after surgery, or before, since a fall 11/7/17......without fail, being there, it's never easy, but she puts her friends before her own needs.........and gives without end
Jordan Leigh Fuentes As silly as it may seem, I'd love to have lunch with my husband Isaac Fuentes. His job requires so much and when we are together at home we don't always get the quality time we'd like. To be able to go out and have lunch together would be such a blessing and break for us!
Jing Juliano Diggs Would love to catch up with my son, Tyler Diggs. We see each other everyday but usually have no time to really talk! I would love to have him sit across a table from me without a phone and just have quality time.
Betty Bare Sneeringer @Deborah Houston it is time for a meet-up and there is no better place to enjoy a great meal together than at Zoes! Winter Springs, Florida. I got a take-out of the new med salad and also, the white beans just Sunday but, I am ready to have some more! So good!
Scottsdale Waterfront
Scottsdale WaterfrontSaturday, February 25th, 2017 at 10:18am

Chocolate cake and a free Matt Damon movie? Sounds like we need a date night at P.F. Chang's stat!

Sylvia Sullinger Chesser My Rogers Arkansas location isn't on the drop down when I try to redeem my receipt for a ticket. How can I finish the process?
Christie Offenberg Lopez Went just to get the cake for the tix. it's been over 24 hrs since I tried to redeem online for the email. not in my spam folder either. ended up with an overpriced but tasty lunch, took the cake home, and no movie. now what? btw, the confirmation said I'd be getting an "emial" shortly. Didn't and spell check pls.
Victoria Lantz What if your state doesn't have AMC theaters? Idaho only had Edwards at least in southwest Idaho
Tasha Ecklund Come to Wilmington NC. I need some Ginger Chicken, Chicken Fried Rice and Great Wall of Chocolate. Your to far away.
Julie Bever What if it's my husband's birthday and he gets that cake (free)..will we still get tickets free?
KarrieAnn Gaskin I came in to the Mobile location specifically for this cake on Wednesday and they had "86'd" it. Talk about a let down 😭
Kelly D. Watts Hmmm we had it last night and no tix:(
Sherry Levy Haas When does this offer end ?
Steve Noack We had that on our anniversary. Excellent.
Duane Chapman If I ate that cake and went to the movie I would not be able to pay attention to the movie, I would be on such a sugar high I would be jumping up in my seat. Lol
Cathy Nowak Carrier Cake looks delicious, movie not that bad but not one of Marr Damon's epics, what possessed him to take this part? Movie okay don't expect much and you have the movie.
Judy Yglesias Oh so yummy im jonesing. 4 dark chocolate cake. 4 the last couple of days my bff. Lol u judy oh i lost 7lbs thats month hopefully 5 this month lu judy
Karen Julian Austin this looks delicious and I don't even really like chocolate cake haha
Sheba Masih Yeojeong Kim when I get better, let's go!! That cake looks so good
Kim Plemons I saw the Great Wall on you tube a couple of weeks ago. I looked under Chinese movie.
Shel Silberman I could take the cake but Matt Damon is full of crap!
Jodi Marneris Went to the P.F. Changs in Orland Park (IL) and split this cake three ways. It was fabulous!
Karen Harrison Sullivan Eric Koch Chocolate on chocolate... heaven on earth!!
Sylvia Miller That cake is the best! I took it home and ate a section each day. Raspberry sauce is great.
Pamela Peoples Why mess up a chocolate cake with raspberry sauce, all you need is chocolate frosting. Smh, just saying.
James Croffie Where's the appetite when you need it. This "smidget" of head cold will soon be history. Amen.
Stacy Martinez Shannon Taylor this one might be better than Cheesecake Factory Cake!
Bishop T. D. Morris Angela Tripp, you, Momma Bear and I have to do this.
Amie Elizabeth Sisk Look at this, Emily Elizabeth Sisk. It's been too long since we have had some.
Kenna Gonzales Johann Gonzales if we order cake we get free movie tickets 😍
Scottsdale Waterfront
Scottsdale WaterfrontThursday, February 23rd, 2017 at 11:37am

Did you know that 18/8 Fine Men's Salons - Waterfront Scottsdale has a Buy One Haircut Get One Free offer? Follow the link below to get yours now!

Scottsdale Waterfront
Scottsdale WaterfrontWednesday, February 22nd, 2017 at 6:46am

Scottsdale Public Art's Canal Convergence gets better and better every year ... don't miss it!

Tanya Lee Michelle Kupfer let's do this auntie shell
Kim Chappelow-Lee Tanya Lee wish I could see this.
Scottsdale Waterfront
Scottsdale WaterfrontSaturday, February 11th, 2017 at 8:11am

Sauce Waterfront is offering guests one pizza, one salad, and two glasses of wine for $22, now through February 14th. Sounds like a Sweetheart Deal to us!

Visit for more details.

Jesika Kamp Caitlyn Martens
Luis Mandi Cardona Janet Reardon
Alejandra Lynch Reza Modesto Munoz
Marie Cameron Joshua Cameron
Jesika Kamp Sean Christopher Kamp
Scottsdale Waterfront
Scottsdale WaterfrontThursday, December 29th, 2016 at 12:04pm

2017 will be here before we know it! Let's welcome the New Year in style ... we especially like these sparkly styles from Urban Outfitters!

Krystyn Lowe I have contacted UO FIVE times, two through FB and THREE EMAILS. I had a demolished order that you guys don't seem to care to deal with. Seriously who packs a glass candle and a blanket in a plastic bag with no padding?? I will be asking my credit card for a charge back if I hear nothing by tomorrow. What gives? You lost a customer that spent a LOT there Urban Outfitters
Jessica Alves NEVER order from urban outfitters. Their customer service is abysmal. They said that they cannot cancel my order which hadn't even been shipped yet and claimed that they are not held liable for an order after it has been made. They also claimed that they do not have access to their warehouse and therefore cannot make an alteration to an order once it has been put through. What kind of retailer is this? They are extremely unhelpful. Will never be shopping with them again. Hope you don't either
Poet + Joy Accessories Our P+J handbags would be a fun accessory to this eye catching dress!
Poet + Joy Accessories Our P+J handbags would look stunning with this shimmery dress!
Evan Collins I see you've been reading up on y2k aesthetic 😂
Scottsdale Waterfront
Scottsdale WaterfrontThursday, December 22nd, 2016 at 5:16am

Diane's Beachwear is giving away this adorable holiday tote - give as a gift ... or keep it for yourself!

See original post for entry details ... good luck!

Scottsdale Waterfront
Scottsdale WaterfrontSaturday, December 17th, 2016 at 5:18am

Great last minute holiday gift idea from Fox Restaurant Concepts!

Scottsdale Waterfront
Scottsdale WaterfrontWednesday, December 14th, 2016 at 3:45am

Get your holiday glam on ... Primp and Blow - The Premier Blow Dry Bar's Twelve Days of Primping starts today! Visit for details.